Introducing Integrous Motorsports

We exist to drive meaningful and lasting sponsorship partnerships in the motorsport industry.

Integrous Motorsports is an unprecedented marketing and sponsorship organization poised to promote the best of the best in the professional motorsports industry. Our mission is to help clients navigate the complex world of racing sponsorship and create meaningful partnerships that generate maximum ROI and revenue. 

We work closely with racing teams, tracks, venues, and corporate brands to develop personalized sponsorship initiatives that address their specific needs and objectives. Integrous Motorsports is dedicated to pushing boundaries and injecting new life into every client’s team while providing versatility, flexibility, and scalability.

Integrous Motorsports: racing into 2023

President of Integrous Risk Solutions,  Nick Rabenau announces an exciting collaboration with Paylor Motorsports and team owners Donald and Gena Bradsher, and the racer, Greg Clark. A happenchance meeting between Nick and Donald led to an immediate connection as the conversation turned to tales from Bradsher’s experience around a race track. What was born, ultimately from that conversation is the conception of Integrous Motor Sports. Racing into the 2023 circuit, Rabenau and his team are building a brand with sponsors as they look to the Steel Block Late Model Series with Greg Clark and the Oil Dirt Late Model Series with Tim McCreadie.

Integrous Risk Solutions

Integrous Motorsports Team

Integrous Risk Solutions offers comprehensive security consulting services enabling you to feel more confident about your actions everywhere you work, play, and live.

Meet the Integrous Motorsports Car

Driving safety and security to first place.

Integrous Motorsports car, a brand-new Longhorn race car with Penske shocks, built by Wesley Page of Lancaster, South Carolina, will be driven by Greg Clark. A fresh 700hp block engine has been constructed by Gibbons Motorsports of China Grove, North Carolina.

Integrous Motorsports Schedule

The Integrous Motor Sports race team will kick off the 2023 season in March 2023. The official race schedule will be released in early January 2023. The Steel Block series will run approximately 16 races within 5 states, which include North Carolina, South Carolina, Tennessee, Virginia, and West Virginia.

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